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The Intensity of Corporal Punishment

I have been asked about the right intensity to give corporal punishment to a slave.   I could talk about it, but I think the best way is to try and show you.   This small video shows a 19-year-old buck being whipped across its bare buttocks with a leather paddle.   I can highly recommend this instrument to any slave owner.   It is very effective – as you can see – but does not excessively mark your property.   All the owners I know have one and usually keep it close to hand so it can be used to correct a slave instantly if required.

The slave must, of course, be whipped hard enough to understand it is being punished for wrong doing.   There is no point whatsoever in simply giving it light taps across its bottom.   For moderate offences I usually award fifty hard strokes if I am using the leather paddle.   That will more than warm a slave’s backside and its sore buttocks will remind it for a day or two at least of its bad behaviour.

Of course, for very serious offences – usually involving infringements of the Slave Penal Code – I would usually sentence a slave to a formal public caning over the whipping frame in the Punishment Room of the Slave & Dog Barn (see previous posts).   These days, such sentences are usually executed by the Overseer of the Slave & Dog Barn, Joe.   The last public whipping here was given a few weeks ago to Harley, a 34-year-old buck owned by my Irish friend, for soiling its travel crate while it was being shipped to the Plantation in the back of its owner’s Ford Transit.

In my view, it is the mark of a well-trained slave if it stays in position without restraint for a whipping.   And unless you require it to count the number of strokes it is receiving, my view is that a slave should try and keep quiet – as far as possible – while it is being punished.   It should not distract the punisher from his/her task in any way.

One absolute rule I have is **NEVER** to break the skin or draw blood.   That is something I would regard as extremely inappropriate and an abuse of authority.   Moreover, why damage one’s own goods in such a pointless way?

Finally, I punish both bucks and bitches in the same way and with the same intensity.  In my view there is no difference between these two type of slave when it comes to discipline.

I was unsure whether to post this clip or not and would appreciate any feedback.   You can contact me in the usual ways, the easiest being to click on ‘Ask Me Anything about Slavery’ on this page and submit your question and/or comments anonymously.


This is only the second time I have uploaded a video, so I apologise if the quality is not good.   If you have a poor Internet connection, I would recommend downloading the video before viewing.   There are plenty of ways to do this (so Google it if unsure!).

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